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  • Marketing Mondays

    Marketing Mondays is an in depth look at successful entrepreneurs and what they do to attract more business, sell more products and close more deals. You will learn the business building systems that work in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.

    Topics Covered: 

    • A Business Plan that Works
    • Create Raving Fans
    • Personal Contact is the Key 
    • Brand Your Name
    • Working ON vs. Working IN Your Business

  • How the Mind Works

    Your thoughts become your beliefs, your beliefs control your actions and your actions control your results. Ninety percent of what we know about the human mind we have learned in the last ten years. Learn how to program your conscious, non-conscious and creative non-conscious minds to work together to make your life better. Learn how to change your belief system and achieve your goals.

    Topics Covered: 

    • The Conscious Mind
    • The Non-Conscious Mind
    • The Creative Non-Conscious Mind 
    • Belief Systems
    • The Reticular Activating System
    • Visions & Goal Setting

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  • Creating a Culture of Success

    Creating a Culture of Success at your company can mean the difference between success and failure, profit or loss. Zan Monroe has interviewed hundreds of company owners and managers to find the key to creating a culture of success, and the answer may be simpler than you think. Learn how to coach your company instead of managing it, how to gather the right people and raise company production.

    Topics Covered: 

    • The Perfect Company
    • Coaching vs. Management
    • Manage the Back of the Pack
    • Raising Production
    • Gathering the Right People

  • Creating Wealth Through Real Estate

    The wealth of the United States flows to real estate. The value of residential housing in the United States far exceeds the value of the New York Stock Exchange or the national debt. Learn how to create your own financial independence by using the Four Returns on Real Estate, the Four Questions You Should Ask and discover how to own investment real estate in a tax-sheltered account (US Markets).

    Topics Covered: 

    • Three Types of People
    • Assets vs. Liabilities
    • Four Questions You Should Ask
    • The Key to Creating Wealth
    • The Money Tree 
    • Four Returns on Real Estate
    • Setting Your Investment Goals
    • Simple Investment Analysis
    • How to Buy Real Estate in a Profit Sharing Plan 


  • Leadership Development

    Building Leaders

    Great organizations are built just like a house.

    Building Leaders is the blueprint for creating success within your organization.

    Association Leadership Development

    • Attract and Retain New Leaders
    • Develop your Current Leadership Team
    • Empower Your Leaders

    Strategic Planning

    • Update your Current Strategic Plan
    • The 4 Keys to Great Strategic Planning
    • Trends and Opportunities for your Association

    Public Speaking for Leaders

    • Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking
    • Enable your Leaders to Deliver their Message
    • How to Run an Efficient and Effective Committee Meeting

    Instructor Development

    • Make Your Local Classes and Instructors Better
    • 5 Things Every Instructor Should Know
    • Make Your Classes come to Life

    We don’t need more Leaders. We need more Leadership!



  • 7 Lessons for Success

    Zan Monroe’s latest book and keynote presentation 7 Lessons for Success: has received fabulous reviews from audiences across the United States.  This presentation is based on the life and lessons of Zan’s mother, Mary Monroe, who was suddenly widowed with four children to raise, businesses to run, investments to manage and no business background. The lessons she learned and taught, helped her become successful. If you want to be more successful in your life and business, this is a journey that you must take with Zan Monroe!

    We can arrange a discount on this book if you would like to have a copy given to each attendee.

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  • Stories of Uncle Adrian

    This hilarious presentation covers the six areas of your life and business with fun stories and lessons taught to Zan by his Uncle Adrian Williams, a master storyteller and the families self-made millionaire. This presentation will challenge every listener to make positive changes and become a master of their own life.

    We can arrange a discount on this book if you would like to have a copy given to each attendee.

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    CLICK HERE to purchase a copy of Zan's book, Stories of Uncle Adrian.

  • Building Leaders

    Let Zan Monroe lead your organization into the future with his presentation of Building Leaders: This presentation is the blueprint for building great leaders within your company. Join Zan Monroe while he shares a lifetime of knowledge in how to build successful leaders in your organization.

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    Zan's new book coming soon...


  • Absorption Rate Pricing & Positioning

    There are only a certain number of houses that will sell in any market in any period of time. Absorption Rate Pricing will enable you to calculate how long it will take to sell any house in any market. Learn how to calculate the Market Flow Rate, Odds of Selling, Absorption Rate, market trends and how to position a house as the best value in the marketplace.

    Topics Covered:

    • Absorption Rate Pricing
    • Five Keys to Positioning a House
    • Odds of Selling
    • Judging the Competition
    • Market Flow Rate

  • World's Greatest Listing Presentation

    Thousands of the best real estate agents in the country were asked, “What is the order and sequence of a great listing presentation?” Their answer has become known as The World’s Greatest Listing Presentation. Learn how to use the techniques of the best agents in the world to list and sell real estate.

    Topics Covered:

    • Pre-Listing Interview
    • Pre-Listing Package
    • Meeting with the Most Important Person
    • Collaboration, Not Presentation
    • Qualify the House
    • Qualify the Seller
    • Finding a Solution

  • World's Greatest Sales Presentation

    Selling is about learning what people want to do and helping them accomplish it. Zan Monroe has studied some of the best companies in the world to discover that selling is simple. You will learn why collaboration has replaced presentations, and openings have become more important than closing. Learn how to add value to your sales and earn “Trusted Advisor” status with your clients.

    Topics Covered:

    • Connection and Collaboration
    • Challenging their Beliefs
    • Earning Trusted Advisor Status
    • Finding a Solution
    • Gathering Information
    • Three Modes of Communication

  • The Perfect Real Estate Day

    If you lived The Perfect Real Estate Day, what would it look and feel like? What activities should you do from wake up to bedtime to maximize your time and raise your production? Zan Monroe has interviewed hundreds of top producing agents to find out what, when and how they create their Perfect Real Estate Day.

    Topics Covered:

    • 7:00 am - Get Your Motor Going
    • 9:00 am - Follow the Money
    • 12:00 noon - Never Eat Alone
    • 2:00 pm - Time to List and Sell
    • 4:00 pm - The Soccer Game
    • 6:00 pm - The Most Important Hour of the Day

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