CD: Seven Lessons Every Entrepreneur Should Learn

Suddenly widowed, Mary Monroe had four children to raise, businesses to run, investments to manage, and a personal philosophy that would not sustain her through it all. As a result, she took a spiritual, philosophical, and financial journey that led her to a life of self-esteem, financial independence, and success.

1 Audio CD

Zan Monroe will share the lessons that his Mother learned, adopted, and taught on her journey to success. If you are searching for success and harmony in your life, please allow Mary Monroe’s Seven Lessons Every Entrepreneur Should Learn to guide you toward a life of spiritual, emotional, philosophical, and financial success. This is a live presentation on 1 audio CD.

Topics Covered:

  • Your Best Investment is Yourself
  • A Man’s Mind is Like a Garden
  • Do What You Enjoy
  • Spend Less than You Earn
  • Free Minds and Free Markets Create Wealth
  • Profit is Better than Wages
  • Real Estate is the Only REAL Investment